Colorado’s BIGGEST buyer commission rebate!

Buy your Home the EZ Way
We Split the Commission 50/50

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Buy Your Home the EZ Way
We Split the Commission

Colorado’s BIGGEST buyer commission rebate!

How it Works

You Find the Home

Find your home online and contact us to arrange a showing

We Close the Deal

We make the offer, do the paperwork, close the deal for you

You Save Thousands

We split the commission 50/50 saving you thousands*

Who is EZ Agents?

EZ Agents was created to fill a void in the marketplace and disrupt the outdated real estate model.

Nowadays, home buyers are finding homes online by themselves and don’t need an agent to help them search online. Buyers do, however, need representation and guidance through the contracts, negotiations, inspections and closing of their new home.

Our buyers take advantage of our on demand showing agents to see homes and then work directly with their EZ Agents Realtor for all the rest. In turn, we reward our buyers with 50% of our commission that we receive from the seller through a buyer commission rebate!

EZ Agents is the new model for home buying. We focus our efforts on providing value where our clients need it – and appropriately splitting our commission with you.

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What Our Clients Say


The BEST agent (and way) to buy a home – Steve coached me through the process of buying a home and made the experience EASY. He took care of all the paperwork and helped set showings. Steve was always a phone/text away when I needed him. I could lean on his experience when making offers. He truly goes out of his way for his clients and stands out in a world where agents are rushing to get deals in. The fact that...

Steve Stoytchev


Probably the best buyers agent ever. He kept on top of everything, even though the sellers side had a few hiccups in the process. Not to mention the commission rebate that helped buy down my interest rate. That will end up saving me literally TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars over the life of the mortgage. Granted this is not my first real estate purchase, but I will never use a traditional buyers agent again. I'm...

Greg Leichtman


What a great find! It’s nice to see a real estate firm changing the system to align with the way people shop for homes today. We got proactive notices every step of the way - these guys are on top of it! The best part was getting a rebate at closing that paid for nearly all closing costs! If you like to search for your own home, this is the only way to buy.

Mike Schulte


We saved a little over $12,000 with our commission credit from Steve! We couldn't be happier with Steve's professionalism and responsiveness. Working with Steve is a new way to buy a home and definitely worth it. I would recommend EZ Agents to everyone! Thank you Steve!

Jacob Bakke


I was apprehensive to believe an agent who offers a closing rebate could provide such great service. It seemed too good to be true, but Steve is your guy! I closed on my home from out-of-state and Steve made it a breeze. He was responsive and was on top of any mishaps that we bumped into along the way. There was even a time when I woke up to a phone call where Steve already resolved a major issue about my money...

Cam Dang


EZ Agents has been great to work with! Steve and his team are on the ball through every step of the buying process. As a real estate investor I always look for deals. EZ Agents make the deal work even better! EZ Agents provides great value and are incredibly professional. They are very proactive and have been amazing from the offer negotiations to the closing table. I will be using EZ Agents again.

Dave Hamvas

Castle Rock

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the buyers commission and what will my buyer commission rebate be?        

In a traditional home sale, the seller pays the buyers agent’s commission for bringing the buyer. In Colorado, this is typically 2.8% percent of the sales price although it can vary. By working with EZ Agents, you will receive a realtor commission rebate of 50% of the commission we receive from the seller.

Will I work with a specific Realtor?

Yes. If you choose to work with EZ Agents you will be working directly with a fully licensed Realtor. We will guide you through every step in the process including arranging showings, submitting your initial offer, handling negotiations, navigating inspection and closing on the home. Additionally, we have a full team of transaction coordinators and showing assistants at our disposable to ensure a perfectly smooth transaction from start to finish.

Who we can work with?

It is important to understand that EZ Agents is a new and unique real estate business model. In order to provide the highest home buyer rebate in Colorado, we focus our efforts on what we believe you as a buyer need most and where we can provide the most value. Specifically, that is taking you from submitting an offer to closing on a home. This means that we do not personally show you homes (we can however arrange a showing assistant for you). Again, this is how we are able to keep our costs low and rebate 50% of our commission back to you.

Traditionally, the type of buyer that will most benefit from our services falls in the following categories:

● Has already found a home they are interested in and is ready to move forward

● Prefers to do a lot of online research and to see homes on their own time at their own pace, without a real estate agent hovering

● Is purchasing a new construction home and wants to be sure they have a Realtor representing their interests while receiving a commission rebate not offered by the builder

Who we cannot work with?

If you currently have a signed buyer’s agency agreement with another real estate agent that has shown you the home you are interested in purchasing, then unfortunately we cannot work with you. It is not our intention to solicit business from other agents. If you are interested in working with us, and receiving a commission rebate, the best thing you can do is contact us BEFORE you go and visit any homes in person.

How much money will you save
with EZ Agents Realtors?

Purchase Price $222
You Save* | 2,000

Call Us (720) 687-3033

* Savings listed are only an estimate based on a 2.8% buyers commission and are subject to change

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