Buying a new construction home?

We split the commission

New Construction

Work with a fully licensed agent throughout the process and receive 50% of the commission we receive.  Saving you thousands on your new home purchase!

New Construction

Why not use the builder's agent?

Buying new construction homes can be tricky. Quite simply the sales agents are working for the builder – not for you. By working with EZ Agents you have an agent representing your interests and providing you a cash rebate. It’s a win/win.
New Construction

What do you do?

We will work with you throughout the entire process. We can guide you through the contracts as well as offer input on potential upgrades that the builder may be offering.

Understanding what upgrades increase the value of the home and those that do not is crucial in buying new construction homes. Eventually you will sell the home and some upgrades can provide a significantly higher return on your investment than others.

New Construction
New Construction

How do I get started?

It is important to contact us immediately if you are interested in purchasing a new construction home, as some builders will not pay an agent a commission if you have previously visited their sales office without representation. Thus, we would not be able to provide you a commission rebate or represent you through the sales process.

What does it cost to work with

EZ Agents?

Nothing! We receive our commission from the builder which we in turn rebate 50% of to you. So, by working with EZ Agents instead of directly with the builder you will receive:

  • Full representation throughout the purchasing process
  • 50% commission rebate
New Construction

You find the home.
We close the deal.

And we split the commission 50/50* with you!