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"Steve's on to something - he's providing real value in a different model, disrupting real estate in a way that's all about serving his client. We couldn't be happier."
- S. Kloos

Who is Steve and EZ Agents?

I'm a local Realtor that focuses on working with home buyers and providing them a commission rebate through my company EZ Agents. I've leveraged my experience working in Colorado Real Estate for nearly a decade to provide home buyers a new and unique way to buy a home, splitting my commission 50/50 with my clients saving them thousands on their purchase.

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Why would you give up half of your commission?

My unique business model allows me to hyperfocus my efforts where my buyers need it most - contracts and negotiations, outsourcing the rest. This allows me to pass the savings directly to you.

The reality is very few (if any) agents keep 100% of their commission.  Allow me to give you a peak behind the curtain of residential real estate…

Brokerages - individual agents hang their license at a parent brokerage (think any of the big names in real estate you've heard of) and that brokerage generally keeps a portion of their commission.

Teams - Most top producing agents (the ones you want to work with) work in real estate teams. Within these teams there are usually commission splits which require the agents to kick up a portion of their commission to team leaders. They do this because the team handles all the marketing and lead generation which generate the agent's their clients.

Lead Generation - There is an entire industry focused on capturing buyer or seller "leads" and selling them to agents at a huge cost, further diluting their commission. Each of these real estate websites and companies take their share. With EZ Agents I decided to cut out the middlemen and use my experience to market directly to buyers - passing those savings on to my clients.

What’s the benefit of working with you?

Aside from the obvious costs benefits my business model allows me to work with more buyers and as a result I write more contracts and negotiate more deals than your average agent. By working with me you get the experience of a top local agent while also receiving half of the commission – a win/win.

What's the difference between you and a 'traditional' agent?

There is only difference between myself and a ‘traditional’ agent - I do not personally show homes to my clients.  I outsource showings to other agents and pay them for their time. In my experience, a lot of buyers don’t need or value an agent to simply unlock doors and walk them through a house, yet those costs are still part of the commission structure. 

My buyers search online for their homes, let me know the ones they want to see in person, and I make the arrangements.  The best part of this is that these showings are (relatively) on demand.  Since I am not showing you the home, we don’t need to coordinate schedules and find a time that we are both free.  Simply call or text me the address of the home and when you want to see it and I will arrange for a fully licensed agent to meet you and let you in.

Please note there is a fee charged to see homes.  The showing agents get paid $50 a showing for their time.  This fee goes directly to those agents, and I do not keep any portion.  In fact, I split the cost of the showing with you 50/50 same as the commission, so you pay only $25 per showing.  This is how I can provide such a large rebate back to you and pay these agents fairly for their time.  My average commission rebate back to my buyers is over $8,000.

Aside from showing homes I personally handle all the aspects of your deal and act as your single point of contact throughout the home buying process. Because I am not out showing homes, I am available to my clients around the clock no matter the day or hour.

Additionally, I have a dedicated transaction coordinator for when we do go under contract, ensuring all dates and deadlines are met, and all contracts are properly executed and signed by all parties.

What are the costs?

I receive my commission from the seller, not from you. Aside from the showing costs which go directly to the showing agents, I do not charge any fees. Internally I have costs with my brokerage, my transaction coordinator, splitting the showing costs, etc. none of which I pass on to you.

For this reason, I have commission minimum of $5,000. In this case your rebate will be the remainder of the commission minus the five thousand.

On the flip side I do not cap the rebate. No matter how high your price point you will receive 50% of the commission I receive.

Who do you work with?

I work with buyers throughout Denver Metro, Fort Collins and Boulder. My business model is not the best fit for everyone. My focus is on the things a buyer can’t do or find online themselves - contracts and negotiations.

Who will you not work with?

I’d like to be clear that I have no obligation to offer my services to everyone who contacts me.  As stated above my model is not the best fit for everyone.  Also, if you have already seen the home you are interested in with another agent, I cannot represent you on the purchase of that home. It is not my intention to solicit or steal business from other agents or have them work on my behalf without proper compensation.

How do we get started?

If you are interested in learning more the best thing you can do is fill out a contact form below or just give me a call at your convenience.  I am more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have and see if we are good fit to work together.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Steve Novak Founder and Realtor at EZ Agents

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What Our Clients Say


The BEST agent (and way) to buy a home – Steve coached me through the process of buying a home and made the experience EASY. He took care of all the paperwork and helped set showings. Steve was always a phone/text away when I needed him. I could lean on his experience when making offers. He truly goes out of his way for his clients and stands out in a world where agents are rushing to get deals in. The fact that...

Steve Stoytchev


Probably the best buyers agent ever. He kept on top of everything, even though the sellers side had a few hiccups in the process. Not to mention the commission rebate that helped buy down my interest rate. That will end up saving me literally TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars over the life of the mortgage. Granted this is not my first real estate purchase, but I will never use a traditional buyers agent again. I'm...

Greg Leichtman


What a great find! It’s nice to see a real estate firm changing the system to align with the way people shop for homes today. We got proactive notices every step of the way - these guys are on top of it! The best part was getting a rebate at closing that paid for nearly all closing costs! If you like to search for your own home, this is the only way to buy.

Mike Schulte


We saved a little over $12,000 with our commission credit from Steve! We couldn't be happier with Steve's professionalism and responsiveness. Working with Steve is a new way to buy a home and definitely worth it. I would recommend EZ Agents to everyone! Thank you Steve!

Jacob Bakke


I was apprehensive to believe an agent who offers a closing rebate could provide such great service. It seemed too good to be true, but Steve is your guy! I closed on my home from out-of-state and Steve made it a breeze. He was responsive and was on top of any mishaps that we bumped into along the way. There was even a time when I woke up to a phone call where Steve already resolved a major issue about my money...

Cam Dang


EZ Agents has been great to work with! Steve and his team are on the ball through every step of the buying process. As a real estate investor I always look for deals. EZ Agents make the deal work even better! EZ Agents provides great value and are incredibly professional. They are very proactive and have been amazing from the offer negotiations to the closing table. I will be using EZ Agents again.

Dave Hamvas

Castle Rock